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If you are like me, going to the dentist is not your favorite past time. But I was fortunate to find the perfectĀ Covington dentistĀ that offered sedation to relax my whole body so that I was not fearful and anxious about the procedures that I needed. When I met with the dentist for my consultation, I was nervous because I had so many traumatic dental experiences in the past plus a horrible gag reflex that did not make my dental visits any easier.

My Covington dentist offered me the choice of three different forms of sedation that is available for those of us who have moderate to severe fears. Oral sedation is one method that is appealing to me. The dentist prescribes a pill that is taken several hours before the procedure for relaxation. Another option is nitrous oxide which is gas that is inhaled through a nasal mask. Often this is the preferred method of relaxation because there are no side effects and the patient does not require someone to drive home. The administration of the nitrous oxide is regulated by the dentist during the procedure. The strongest form of dental sedation is the intravenous sedation which is only done on those individuals who experience severe anxiety or have very lengthy procedures completed in one sitting.
I am so fortunate to have my dentist Covington to alleviate my apprehension about dental visits.