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Grand Family DentistryYour dentist baton rouge LA incorporates the use of laser technology in his dental practices for a number of procedures. Dental lasers are used for teeth cleaning as well as removing tooth decay. A dental laser has the capability for soft tissue treatment and has greater accuracy for procedures involving soft tissues. Because lasers cauterize as they cut the tissue, the result is less pain and bleeding for the patient.

Also, less anesthetic is needed with the use of lasers. Lasers are also used by dentists to treat gum disease by concentrating the generated heat to kill bacteria. The chemicals used to whiten teeth become stronger with the use of a dental laser. This light technology activates the whitening agents. As a result, your smile is more beautiful than before.

Lasers are very helpful in providing your dentist with early detection of even the smallest cavities as well as accurately providing information about the strength and structure of each tooth. A new filling can be hardened quickly with the use of a laser. The use of lasers give dentists the means to provide their patients with the most modern technology for the best treatment and preventive care available. For the most innovative dental technology, visit your dentist in Baton Rouge for a thorough examination.

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